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The Pattern Type App allows you to design patterns and generate decorative fonts composed out of these patterns. The results are geometrical, caps only typefaces of varying weights, which are – depending on the amount of detail – suitable for grand display sizes only.

The Pattern Type App is for iOS only = iPad & iPhone.

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The basic idea of the Pattern Type Generator was to push the conceptual possibilities of generic type design further. The App is based on a limited version of the Pattern Project database and allows to adjust some of the generic parameters. Thus users can influence the appearance of the fonts according to their individual needs.

What is the difference between the fonts for sale and the results of the Pattern Type App? It is not possible to exactly reproduce the finished typefaces with the app. Working with the original program allows for a lot more specifications and detailed settings than was possible to include in the App. Thus the fonts here on the site are a lot more refined in detail and they have a larger character set.

Download the App for free at the Apple store and start experimenting; you only pay a license for the fonts you decide to download: 8$ for private use, 30$ for professional use.

Programmed by Tinkatinka.

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