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With Tinkafont you can make your own typefaces. You can easily digitize your handwriting or draw all sorts of letters, capture letters and dingbats with your camera or add selfies to your font. Try out different drawing tools, stroke thicknesses, grids, dots, outlines and many more.

Tinkafont App screenshots

The home screen allows you to delete drafts, import fonts, or start a new new one. The characterset is the center of your font. From here you navigate to drawing individual letters. Or you add more letters, simply via your keyboard, by unicode or from a preselection. You can also adjust setting like auto spacing, base line or the width of the space.

The drawing screen consists of a drawing too, an eraser, a camera and a spacing tool. Each has specific funtions. In drawing mode you can choose between different tips of the pen and adjust the stroke thickness. There is a grid in three sizes. And undo and redo buttons naturally. The Eraser does – well – erase stuff. In camera mode you can swap from the front camera to selfie mode, invert the image – useful for bright motifs on a dark background –, by increasing the blur factor you can reduce the amount of detail in the image. And finally you can adjust the brightness.

The preview allows you to enter sample text, zoom and check your spacing. From here you proceed to name, buy and download your font or install it on your device.

Programmed by Tinkatinka.